Before/ After Success Stories

Success with organizing isn’t about having it all done.  Because  lives are constantly changing in big or small ways there’s always something in the physical universe that needs to catch up. What’s key is taking clear steps in the direction you want to go. Here are some success stories to let you know that you are not alone and it really can get easier.

If a story is here it’s because we have permission to share it.  Soon we will  have some current spaces that Sue has worked on and that we have worked on together.   (Client names  have been changed for privacy.)

Crisis and Organizing

In addition to working a full time job, Peggy was spending every free moment helping her mother. Getting home at the end of the day was no joy at all, Peggy was exhausted- and her space was a mess.

Crisis BeforePeggy called  for a consultation at her therapist’s recommendation. As you might imagine, it was hard for her to ask me into her space. You could hardly move around her tiny studio apartment. She wasn’t cooking at all because every surface in the kitchen was piled high with stuff including dozens of little paints for the craft work she had been doing before her mother got sick. You couldn’t get to the closet so her clean clothes filled the one available chair.

Crisis AfterWe talked about all the challenges and what things would be like if we could wiggle our noses like SAMANTHA (my first role model as an organizer) in the TV show Bewitched. Then Peggy and I made a plan about how to proceed and set a date for our first hands-on session.

We met every two weeks for three months. By then we had worked out a number of specific systems so that it was easy for her to keep things in order and relax in her cozy space.

?I just have to tell you how much fun it was to bring my laundry home and put it way where it belonged. My head felt so much clearer and I know right where everything is? You are worth every penny and then some, P.N

Space not set up for the purpose

This happens lots! Life changes . Out of necessity the human adapts to the next set of challenges but unfortunately STUFF doesn’t make any adaptation on its own. Marcy was running FOUR different businesses from her home but the space she was using was still back in her era of full time Mom. When I arrived her computer desk was piled high with papers. The closet was full to the brim with Christmas ornaments.

Marcy and I went to work changing her space to match the realities of her current life.

Office SpaceWe found another place for the ornaments and bought several inexpensive modular shelving units. Clear labels made it possible to rapidly find the many forms required in the different businesses.

She was determined to keep flowers on her desk in celebration of all the work accomplished every day. Now the space was set up to support her!

Home not Selling

It was a sweet house that had been on the market for months. The owner, Fran, had run out of energy and ideas of how to make it more attractive. She was building a new house and just wanted DONE with this one.

Unlike most jobs where I work WITH the client all the way through, Fran wanted to turn the project over to me carte blanche. I was willing. The morning before she left for work and I started in, we took a few moments for her to officially say “GOOD BYE” to the house as she had known it. I was to use her stuff as I saw fit. We agreed that she would return home to a house that no longer looked like hers.

What an amazing day : moving furniture/pictures, nick nacks , packing about a third of the items in the house (into marked boxes). The fun thing was that she loved the results AND the house sold within days!

For SaleFor Sale

This picture shows the entrance which felt a bit closed off. I moved the furniture and brought in a small table and lamp to provide a welcoming light. Small touches like this may be directly in accordance with Feng Shui principles or may just take an outside perspective.

*         *         *

Many clients like to have photos so THEY can remember what things used to be like. Others don?t. Photos are 100% optional as is sharing your story with others.

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