Virtual Consultation with Follow-Up Coaching

With a phone, a computer, and a camera — we can do a consultation with amazing ease via the Internet.

When I decided to try a virtual consultation I was skeptical that you would be able to do anything with that space different from what we had already done.  Part of me thought, “You are not here, if someone were here they would just say you have to get all new stuff because nothing is going to work.”  Then I sent you a couple of pictures and you were able to NAIL exactly what was going on and see and imagine the space.  You reached down and grabbed my hand and got me out of the muck.  Once I was out of it, I was able to think! — D.E., British Columbia

Here are photos from a client who wants you to see what she accomplished (and is maintaining).



I am deeply grateful for the help you’ve given me.  I now feel empowered to gradually open up the space throughout the house.  You’ve helped me see that what seemed like an impossible task was actually quite doable with your support and a change of attitude!  I truly want others know that these changes are possible with your help! —M.J., Scotland

Here’s how it works:

You take photos or a video in a 360 degree panorama of the area you want to organize and send them to me.  Then we make a 90 minute appointment for meeting by phone and together we discuss the space.  Just as we would if I were in your home, we talk about your wishes and the resources you have available and we create a plan of action.

Then as you proceed, personal coaching and email support help you incorporate new perspective and skills.

A virtual consultation might appear to be second best to having me there beside you.

However, several advantages have become apparent:

  • You are in the comfort and privacy of your home.  Wear your PJs if you like.
  • You don’t have to think about any spaces that you have not asked me to consider. You have complete control over what I see and don’t see.
  • Travel is a non-issue:  You save time and the expense of travel, helping to keep our planet green!
  • We can easily do regular check-ins and progress updates.

Contact me  for more details.