Services Overview

Clearly, you have your own particular combination of needs and resources.  The following “menu” of  services allows you to pick and choose the options that work best for you at this time.  Whether you live across the world, across the country, in New England, or right here in Vermont, you can have Breathing Space help.The offerings below are meant to provide you with a wide variety of assistance.

On-Site Consultations ~

I come to your space.  You tour your space with me  – looking at the whole picture, what things are like now and what you need.  The focus is on both immediate and long term solutions for the areas that concern you.  At the end of a consultation you have a clear plan for how to proceed.  Next steps  may or may not involve Breathing Space.

Dear Breathing Space,

I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your visit this morning.  You knew just what I meant when I told you what I wanted and best of all – no, the best of all was your knowing what I was not very good at articulating – the feeling I wanted my home to have – warmth, comfort and nurturing!  The next best thing was your knowing how to get that!  The hats are up in the hallway!  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your gift of understanding me.  J.E.

Hands-On Work ~
When you want me to help with the physical process of organizing, we schedule 3-hour work sessions and you have help tackling one specific space at a time. During these sessions you will have our help developing  maintenance methods tailored to your way of thinking and the realities of your life.

Breathing Space helps you create room.  Sue respects your vision, needs and abilities.  As much as possible, she uses the materials you already have. You describe what you want – Breathing Space helps you get there! – B.B.

Virtual Consultation with Follow-up Coaching ~

This consultation is done by internet and phone.  After you send photos or a video, you “show me around your space”  just as though you had an organizer there in person. I ask questions  that clarify what  is going on in your space – just as I do when we’re consulting in person. By the session’s end you have a plan that you know you can carry out.

Your follow up check-ins and email support help you develop new perspectives, skills and habits.

Find out more about how this works…

What really helps is the feeling that I am being held in this process, that I have support along the way.  If I don’t know what to do with something, I don’t have to carry it around in my brain – I can ask Breathing Space! – A.K.

Workshops & In Service Training
…for your organization or group. I offer full day, half a day and 2-hour workshops to help your agency, group, or gathering of friends make major inroads on creating supportive spaces.

Thank you for being such a good leader, companion in knowledge-seeking, and information specialist. You could tell by the continuing conversation and questions that people were interested. I felt very pleased and happy.” – M.F.

Gift Certificates ~You may be wanting help with your own space but I also get many requests to help a loved one due to distance or time constraints.  In recent years there’s been a huge increase in calls from “adult children”  who want us to help their parents or, who need help with the difficult task left to them of dealing with the belongings of generations.  The fact is that along with all of life’s passages there’s the accompanying STUFF.   To give any of the services below to a friend or family member please contact me to order a gift certificate. These make super presents for people who are “over-stuffed.”

When our family was faced with a great challenge, Breathing Space came to the rescue.  Our 81 year old Mother made up her mind that  it was time to move to Assisted Living.  The perfect room became available and we had  exactly three weeks to cull down and pack up a life-time of possessions!  This challenge was multiplied by the lack of support we could give her:  One sister lives out-of-state, one sister was out of town, and the other two work full-time.  Ahhhhh!

A family friend recommended Breathing Space.  They came to meet with the four of us and listened carefully to our needs.  We toured the house and developed a basic game plan.   The team stayed flexible and sensitive regarding the original timetable and graciously adjusted when  necessary.  They made this almost impossible transition…possible.
Many thanks!  S. J.


Stay at home and learn specific organizing techniques while working on your space. If you wish, you can arrange with Breathing Space to have friends from anywhere in the world take a class together. You get to ask about your specific problems while getting invaluable support and encouragement from classmates.

Please feel free to contact us about your specific needs or to get your questions answered about any of these services.