The most dangerous conclusion: “There’s NO organizing solution that works for ME! ”

You’ve probably tried a bunch of organizing systems; you’ve read at least one book; bought all the “right” containers – tried to follow the instructions and  it DIDN’T work!  There may even be more than a couple of books on organizing under piles of STUFF here and there  in your home.  All abandoned.

Or,  in your office you have the  colored folders and  a brand new file cabinet.  But your papers stay in piles on your desk and on the floor, and never make it into folders,  not to mention the cabinet.

You figure you’re an impossible case.  But please, please don’t give up!  Don’t sink into  the  conclusion that NOTHING will work for you!

If  more than once in the past week you’ve rushed from your office or home feeling frantic and at your wits end, feeling horrible about the chaos you’ve left behind, it’s time to try another path.

What so many people don’t know is how wonderfully idiosyncratic organizing can be.  One small quirky variation is often the key to resolving what has seemed hopeless.  There are multitudes of  possible solutions for different personalities and different spaces.  A truly personalized solution can be  a miracle.

Thomas Edison said,” I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”  Maybe you haven’t tried ten thousand solutions – you might not have to.  There are so many  surprising  and even fun solutions to problems with clutter and space.  Please don’t give up.

If you’ve  thought even  once in the past week that you are going to give up for good on trying to get organized – email or call NOW to get more information about your particular dilemma .