How Our Approach Works:

If you are like most of  our clients, you have tried to get organized many times.  Sometimes you simply go in for the attack – determined to win the battle against clutter. Unfortunately, without a clear strategy, chaos is often the winner.

To begin to create order and comfort out of chaos you need to:

What you are trying to do here is look at your space with the eyes of a kind observer. Let go of judgment and take on an explorer’s perspective.  Journey through your whole space without trying to fix anything at this point.  Ask,  “What is working here?  What’s a problem?  What do I like?”  Note down your answers.

Dreaming is a key element to getting organized. You need time to think about how you would love things to be. Even if your dream seems to require more resources than you currently have, what would the space be like if you had a magic wand?

Now is the time to think clearly about the realities of your time and energy.  What kind of spare time do you currently have?  Who do you know who could help with what?   What action would give you immediate relief and what might be helpful in the long term?

With these steps in place you can create a clear action plan and begin the work.

Already I’ve made use of lots of your suggestions.  It’s been wonderful to proceed with my major decluttering campaign with clear strategies and insights … It worked for me!  F.R.

Don’t forget that the purpose is to make your spaces support the life you are trying to live – Your office organized to help you work more efficiently; the kids’ rooms set up so they know where to put things away and find it easy to do so; the kitchen so it’s fun cooking again!

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To discover the mindset of a decluttering warrior, download the free article:  In the Clutches of Clutter