Perhaps as a kid you were scolded, “CLEAN UP THE MESS!” but no one explained how.  Or maybe your parents were neatniks and threw out things you considered treasures – so you’ve kept absolutely everything.  Maybe it’s OTHER people in your household who make all the clutter.  There is a huge range of experiences that lead to immediate problems with clutter.

No matter how it has happened, you still have to cope with THE STUFF!

Here are some scenarios that may be very familiar:

You panic trying to find your keys, wallet, meeting notes…
You’d like to be able to leave the house calmly, pick up your bag and head out feeling in one piece but instead there’s almost always something that you can’t find at the last minute.  You HAD enough time to get to your appointment!  But now those crucial things are not there!  Where did you put them?  Are they under the pile on the counter or the kitchen table, in the other room? Shouldn’t this be easier?

You keep imagining you’ll get more space!
Where is it going to go if you bring home ONE MORE thing?  The garage is full to bursting, the basement is overflowing and every closet is full!  You’ve been seriously considering putting on an addition or renting a storage unit or maybe it’s time to move – but you wonder if that’s really the solution.

Stuff is driving you crazy!
You left a perfectly tidy kitchen this morning and now every surface is a wreck.  You’re exhausted after a day at work and want to do NOTHING!  However – the shoes and backpacks are blocking the doorway, and someone has all the art supplies out on the table, plus an open box of Cheerios, a half eaten sandwich, several newspapers and a huge pile of mail.

You’ve tried everything – You’ve begged, screamed,and threatened to throw everything out (though you know you wouldn’t – not really).  You’ve tried solution after solution but it keeps on happening and you definitely have battle fatigue.

A crisis has thrown your household in chaos.
You love your home or at least you used to.  You were pretty good at managing and clutter wasn’t a big deal.  When you needed to you could get things feeling comfortable and cosy again.  But now, when so much is going on and you MOST need your home to be a safe haven – it’s not.

Just the thought of sorting through all the stuff is overwhelming!
You’ve finally made the decision to deal with the stuff.  Theoretically that’s a smart thing to do BUT there’s not only years and years of things you’ve accumulated yourself but also generations of others people’s stuff to deal with.

You may even be dealing with a death in the family or your own illness or depression.  You know that some of the stuff is truly valuable; there are personal momentoes mixed in with pure junk – HOW are you going to deal with it all?  The thought of facing it on your own is totally overwhelming.

Clearing out my late wife’s professional papers has been very hard. With your help I’ve been able, bit by bit, to face this difficult task.  H.N.

You may be wondering if the Breathing Space approach would work for you.

Our approach works for people who …

    • Have elderly relatives who have downsized or passed on, leaving behind both treasures and junk to be sorted through.
    • Work all day, try to fit in exercise and volunteer activities and are burdened by the tons of paper and stuff that clutters their homes.
    • Have so many interests that they use every minute to do the next thing and as a result leave a sea of chaos behind them.
    • Have more stuff than space.
    • Are dealing with physical or emotional crisis who are suddenly unable to keep home and office comfortably organized.
    • Are taking steps to improve their lives – body work, therapy, exercise and want their physical surroundings to reflect these changes.
    • Have been struggling with clutter and disorganization for much of their life and dare to hope it might be different

Already I’ve made use of lots of your suggestions. It’s been wonderful to proceed with my major de-cluttering campaign with clear strategies and insights…It worked for me! F.R.

Our approach will work for you if you …

  • Would rather use your time for family, friends and the causes you care about than for managing your stuff.
  • Are so fed up with the clutter that you are ready to invest time and energy to deal with it.
  • Want your physical surroundings to reflect more of who you are and the interests you have now.
  • Would like to have fun getting it that way.
  • Have a sense of adventure and are willing to discover solutions that specifically who you are.
  • Want a feeling of peace and comfort in your physical space.
  • No longer think you are supposed to be able to do EVERYTHING on your own.

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