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Gift Certificates

Are you wishing you could give or receive a present that wouldn’t add more STUFF and, even better, would help with what is already there?

Many times those dearest to us have more stuff than they can manage!  Even though you want to celebrate their birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… the last thing you want to do is add more clutter.

Sometimes it’s YOU you’re thinking about. You know your friends and family want to give you a wonderful present but where in the world are you going to put one more thing? You’d love to have LESS stuff not more!

A Breathing Space gift certificate can be the perfect gift.

(Note: A gift certificate for organizing help has to be carefully considered. It shouldn’t feellike a criticism. We’re happy to talk with you about any particular situation and what might work.)

gift certificates

Read what was written by a wife who gave a gift certificate to her husband for his birthday:

What a TREASURE it was to come home after a very long hot day to that beautiful basement! David spent yesterday shopping for plastic storage bins and wood to build the new shelves and has been working away! I also went into the basement and found the cutest leopard frog (something I wouldn?t have seen in the former mess) and was able to set him free, so I think nature is happy for the ?breathing space? as well. Thank you for your help. It was definitely worth it! – Melanie
(And he wrote:)
Melanie told me she’d written you with appreciation, etc. I thought you’d like to see the shelves. I even cleaned up after I made them!  Thanks again for the voltage and the hard work. David