Have you ever heard yourself say …

  • I did the assignment, but forgot to turn it in on time.
  • I get it: if I try harder I’ll do better. But I’m trying as hard as I can.
  • I leave homework for the last possible minute. If I try to do it earlier, I can’t get started.
  • How did I fall so far behind? I thought I was all caught up.

 It’s just too much! School shouldn’t be this frustrating!

“I was really stressed junior year. You helped me figure out how to get homework done and stop procrastinating. I even finished a research paper and handed it in early!” ~ MS, College Student

Take a deep breath.

Academic achievement isn’t always easy for students who learn differently. But there’s hope.

And you’re not alone.

Academic Coaching can help.

When you want to run a faster 5k, score more consistent goals or make the varsity team, you hire a coach.

When you have academic goals you want to achieve, want to stop procrastinating, or figure out life after college, you can also hire a coach.

“I don’t dread school anymore.”  ~ CD, High School Student     

At Breathing Space I work with students who …

  • Struggle to manage time and attention.
  • Feel easily overwhelmed by projects, assignments and tests.
  • Leave long-term projects till the last minute.
  • Have disorganized backpacks and messy bedrooms.
  • Lose their assignments, devices and belongings.

I’m Sue. I’ve coached students with learning differences since 2001. As an Academic Coach, I partner with you to identify your unique strengths and personal challenges, set realistic goals, develop strategies and implement action plans. Coaching provides the ongoing, consistent support you need to maximize your academic and personal potential.

Thank you for your guidance, support and encouragement. This honestly would not have happened without you. My son not only successfully completed college, but he changed direction to pursue his true passion, which you encouraged.”  ~JW, Mother

Stay on task, on target and on time with Breathing Space.

If you’re wondering whether Academic Coaching is right for you, email me to set up a free, 30-minute consultation.