Are you overwhelmed by stuff?

There’s so much more you’d like to accomplish, but you feel buried under clutter and confusion.

You long to simplify your life and get back to doing the things you love with the people you love.

You’ve tried countless times to get organized: you’ve bought the books, watched the shows and tried all the “methods.” And sometimes you stay organized … for a while.

Unfortunately, without a clear strategy and the support to stay focused, chaos and clutter triumph. You end up back where you started, even more frustrated.

Rest assured, you aren’t alone. And, it can get easier.

Breathing Space has been helping folks with these struggles for over two decades. Whatever your situation is: challenges with your own space, retired parents who need help downsizing or restoring your home after an extended illness or life change, you can get help to restore the peace and calm you long for.

 You gave me the sense that this was a perfectly normal situation people get into. Your kind acceptance helped me move forward. You helped me take things step by step and made me see that the task was doable. – A.M.

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