Other Books

There are some wonderful bigger books about getting organized and on color and space. We have listed our current favorites here.

Please – for the sake of your finances and the environment – use your local library whenever possible. Then when you discover a book that really speaks to you and you are sure you want a copy of your own – see if you can get it locally – used or new.

If all that doesn’t work for you –  We have provided a link to AMAZON.  When you buy through this link we receive a small commission which helps pay for this website.  BUT do try local resources first.

Organizing from the Inside Out
by, Julie Morgenstern
1998 Henry Holt & Company, ISBN 0-8058-5649-1
A top notch comprehensive book on the concepts and practice of getting yourself organized.
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BREATHING SPACE: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society
by, Jeff Davidson
1991 A MasterMedia Book ISBN 0-942361-32-6
Excellent book, full of suggestions for gaining time and space. Click on Jeff’s name (above) to go directly to his website for information on his numerous books, products, and services.

(Ironically, a group of friends and I brainstormed my business name in 1996 and registered it in Vermont. I knew nothing of Jeff’s work until 2000 when I went on line to register my first website. Since then we have talked at length and I continue to recommend his book. – Joanna)
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Clear Your Clutter with FENG SHUI
by, Karen Kingston
1999 Broadway Books, ISBN 0-7679-0359-5
A wonderful gentle introduction to Feng Shui concepts and decluttering.
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Clutter’s Last Stand: It’s Time to Dejunk your Life!
by, Don Aslett
1984 Writer’s Digest Books ISBN 89879-137-5
Funny, and it gets under your skin and gets your decluttering muscles working
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A Home for the Soul: A Guide for Dwelling with Spirit and Imagination by, Anthony Lawlor
1997 Random House Inc ISBN 0-517-70400-5
Beautiful photos and inspiration
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NOTICING, Or How To Take A Walk Through Your Life
by Jan Wall, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, 2000, $15. Call or email Jan to order : 617-515-8896 or janwall@hotmail.com.
A simple, fun workbook on applying Feng Shui to your home or office.