We are very pleased  to welcome you!   A new decade is underway and there’s a revised and expanded version of  Breathing Space.

In the 15 years  since Breathing Space began,  SO MUCH has changed!  Think :  SKYPE, FACEBOOK,TWITTER, texting on cell phone, family GPS systems and on and on.  The business has been changing too of course and  as of January 2011  Breathing Space  totally belongs  to Sue!  Joanna  has officially retired from organizing and is exploring new territory.

In 1996 when  Joanna founded  “Breathing Space: Home Organizing As You Wish”,  most people she talked with had never  heard of professional organizers. “What’s that – a political job?”   In all of Vermont there were only  three members of the National Association of Professional Organizers.   There wasn’t any reality  TV  about people  having organizers help them.   At Smith College,  Professor Randy Frost was in the early stages of  research on hoarding as a serious emotional problem.  What a different world we have now.

If you want to read about our individual paths you are most welcome to do so ( or not) as you wish!  Most of all we hope that you will get help with your space so that it helps YOU!

Meet Sue

Meet Joanna