Summertime Treasures

Posted by suevenman on Aug 29, 2013  

“Summertime, and the livin’ [was] easy.”~ Porgy and Bess

I had my first sighting of fall colors the other day. No matter when they show up, it’s always too soon.

As summer days decline and back-to-school sales start to look a bit frayed around the edges, I ask what summer treasures I want to bring forward into the cooler weather. I have the pickles and salsa I canned earlier this month to remind me of vine-ripened freshness. But what warm-weather-ways might brighten my spirit as the days grow short?

I think back to how the warm July days irresistibly lured me into the hammock, even when there were clients to call and blog posts to write. I recall how my fingers itched to dig in the dirt, whether I had completed my carefully crafted to-do list, or not. And although it meant that the next coat of paint would remain in the can a little longer, the river called me out in my kayak.

These Summer Siren Songs demanded that life be lived in balance. And because of that balance, I’m a happier, more contented human being. Yet, every September, Fall comes marching in, ushering light-hearted Summer out the door, and with it, all those lazy afternoons in the hammock and the balance that keeps me happy.

Balance shouldn’t be a now and then feast but an everyday meal. Without the kayak or the hammock calling my name, balance could easily become a distant memory. Will I be able to turn away from sorting the seasonal clothes to strap on my snowshoes for a meander in the woods or curl up by the woodstove with a steamy novel?

So, as the leaves turn and the days shorten, remember the echo of the Siren’s Song and, just for an hour, leave the piles of paper and the junk drawers that need sorting and take a foray into the woods to gaze at the autumn colors and crunch some leaves underfoot.

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