Creating a Productive Homework Area

Posted by suevenman on Aug 21, 2013  

Ready or not, the new school year’s here!

I can almost hear the groans – from you parents! Getting the kids up and off; arranging for after school care for the little ones; trying to remember which kid is supposed to be at what after school activity when; and then, perhaps the toughest of the difficult-to-swallow pills, homework.

In her delightful article in the Washington Post, Nicole Anzia has some great suggestions for creating a homework space that smooths out some of the bumps along the homework highway. Even if you don’t have school age kids, her ideas can be used for setting up an out-of-the-office office space.

I especially appreciate Nicole’s reminder that the “perfect” space evolves over time. Don’t be discouraged if your first efforts fall short. Keep what has worked – the location or the table size or the lighting – and change what’s not working. Involving the kids in this process will not only assure better “buy-in;” they’ll be empowered to take control of their education and advocate for the learning environment they need to succeed. And, it’s fun!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what makes for a successful work area. Post your ideas below.

Happy Homework!

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