The Plant Purge

Posted by suevenman on Jul 25, 2013  

Every summer I bring my houseplants outside ~ Plant Camp, my sister calls it. And every fall, before the first frost, I bring them back in. I then spend the winter combating mealy worms and creeping cotton (or whatever it’s called). I’ve fought the good fight for years. The score is Mealy Worms ~ 100; Sue ~ zip.

So, I’ve made the boldest decluttering decisions of my life: I’ve decided to rid my house of bug-infested plants. Even the jade that I nurtured from a wee tiny cutting is now compost. It was drastic. It was harsh. I’m sure that I’ll get emails telling me how I could have conquered creeping crud. I’m sure my dreams will be haunted by flying Spider Plants and Swedish Ivies. But I’m willing to risk being given the evil eye by plant lovers.

Feng Shui teaches that dried flowers in a house, however beautiful, impede the flow of energy. I don’t know if practitioners of the ancient art have anything to say about diseased plants, but if they did, I can only imagine what they’d say, “Plants with bugs invite physical, mental and emotional parasites into your home.” Yuck.

Part of organizing and decluttering is freeing up energy and time for more worthy and joyous pursuits. By downsizing my plants to the few that are healthy and disease-free, I perhaps haven’t freed up hours and hours of time, but I’ve identified a fairly futile activity in my life and done what I needed to do to eliminate it. And, I’ve opened the door to plants – and a life – that is healthy and strong.

Sue ~ 100; Mealy Worms ~ Zip.

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