Posted by suevenman on May 15, 2013  

Be like that bird who,

pausing in flight feels

the bough give way

beneath her feet

and yet sings,

knowing she hath wings.

~ Victor Hugo

 Brenda, a fifty-something woman with teenage children, an active civic life and a full time job requested a home office consultation. Her main problem was that during the two days each week that she worked from home, she took over the dining room table. She wanted to make her office more accessible and reclaim her dining room table for family meals.

The first thing I noticed walking into her office was not the clutter, it was the lack of anything interesting anywhere in sight: not a family photo, not a kindergarten finger painting, not even a houseplant. It was no wonder she never wanted to sit at her desk.

To make a space attractive, organizing is only half the work. If there is nothing that sparkles and shines and reminds you of how much you love and are loved, than the space won’t be compelling, no matter how well organized. Whether it’s grandma’s wedding photo, the collar from a favorite pet dog or shells collected from the shore, objects that inspire are essential to transforming space.

So here’s the plan:

  1. Look around your home for a couple of pieces, pictures or paintings that go Ping! Ping! is the sound of inspiration. It happens when objects connect with something deep inside. It might remind you of a childhood friend or a dearly loved grandparent; it might make you smile or chuckle; or it might remind you that you are bigger, bolder and more beautiful than you think you are.
  2. Clear and clean a space that can easily be seen from where you spend the most time. If you need to scoop everything in a box for sorting later, so be it. Once you’re inspired, crazy things are possible!
  3. Arrange just enough of your Pings! to inspire without cluttering.
  4. Once you’ve set up your inspirational space, don’t let it get stale. Notice when you stop noticing (when the Ping! becomes a Pong) and be willing to swap out for another Ping!

Now, breathe deeply and allow inspiration to wash over you! Ping!

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