Knit One, Purge Two

Posted by suevenman on Jun 5, 2012  

My self-imposed come-to-Jesus talk last week must have done the trick. As you can see by these pictures, I finally started the hands-on decluttering my barn.

The barn’s yarn stash

The steps I took to organize my yarns were similar to those outlined by Joanna (the founder of Breathing Space) in her book, Decluttering 101, with a few tweaks to fit this project. I hope that those non-knitters among you will be able to translate these steps into other organizing projects that involve sorting materials of various kinds.

1)   I cleared a space to sort onto (in this case, my bed). I opted not to cover the bed with a clean sheet, as recommended by Joanna. I regret this, as the yarn was messier than I’d expected (especially the stash in which a clever mouse had hidden her winter’s supply of seeds).

2)   I gathered all my yarns from around the house and barn.

The sorted fibers

3)   I sorted the fibers into piles. The categories I chose were cottons, wools, blends, “fuzzies,” and as-yet-unknitted sweater wool. Another knitter might have sorted by color or weight. Your sorting should reflect the way you plan to use the materials.

4)   Because I knit prayer shawls from scrap wool, I have a reason to keep bits and pieces. I decided that I wouldn’t keep any ball smaller than 1 inch in diameter. Another knitter might use different criteria. Setting criteria for what to keep and what to toss is essential to this process.

5)   I bagged the sorted yarns together in large zip-bags and stored them in clean plastic bins. I still need to research a safe anti-moth solution to keep away unwelcome visitors.

Yarns, sorted and bagged

I started work on my knitting tools – needles, stitch holders and so forth. I’ll finish up that part of the project this week and report in on my next blog post.

I’m curious how you folks out there have tackled organizing your projects. Please share your challenges and successes with all of us. Hobbies are so much more enjoyable when you can find what you’re looking for!


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