Overwhelmed by STUFF?

If you had a magic wand your space would be comfortable and cozy.   Nothing fancy, just friendly and easy to manage.

Instead, the sense of difficulty is exhausting. To some degree you can ignore it, but there’s still a nagging sense of overwhelm.

You are not alone. And I want to assure you that it can get easier.

For the past sixteen years Breathing Space has been helping folks with these struggles.  Whatever your situation is:  Challenges with your own space, retired parents who need help or generations of stuff that is suddenly your responsibility, you can get help that fits your needs and makes your problems with space and stuff less daunting.

“You gave me the sense that this was a perfectly normal situation people get into. Your kind acceptance helped me move forward.  You helped me take things step by step and made me see that the task was doable.” – A.M.

If you want to take a step right now towards having a more supportive space, here are some options:

Are you wondering if Breathing Space can really help with your specific problem?