Your “Spare” Time & STUFF!

Posted by Sue on Apr 18, 2008  

I haven’t forgotten you though last week’s TIP DAY went right by
without a peep from me. In fact( in my thoughts) I was talking with
you most of last Sunday while I sat on my living room floor weeding
through ancient papers. And ever since then I’ve been having an
ongoing “conversation” with you about time,energy and STUFF!

Here’s a short summary…

Luckily Sunday was cold so it wasn’t so bad spending the WHOLE
afternoon and evening – NINE HOURS- inside reading old letters etc.
There were a couple of sermons my grandfather wrote in 1915;letters
my mother wrote to my grandmother in 1944 – and letters I wrote
in 1955 and so on. Yoiks! Reading those letters corrected some
of the “facts” I thought I knew about my life. But do they matter?

Here’s the thing — the plus and minus of stuff.

There are current activities I really care about…the El
Salvador scholarship project, learning Spanish, time with my family,
my 91 year old dad and so on.

I think there is a real questions about the importance of old papers
(sorry historians). If my mother hadn’t held onto those boxes after
my grandmother died and if I hadn’t kept them when my Mom died –
would I be any worse off?

I think of my dear friends in the little village in El Salvador who
have NO boxes of old papers — does that make their life worse or
better? And their kids have no toys or at most ONE…yet they play

I’ve agreed with my daughter that I will keep a SMALL sampling of the
old papers to pass on to her- ONE BOX. But I really do think that moment
by moment or day by day it comes down to a decision of HOW DO I WANT
TO SPEND MY TIME? What matters most to me- TO YOU?

STUFF definitely uses up time.Today I leave you with a QUESTION.
How do you want to use YOUR spare time?

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