Post-Summer Space

Posted by Sue on Oct 18, 2007  

As cooler weather once again moves your world toward the indoors,
it’s time to take a look at your prime real estate . What’s that???
That’s what I call the spaces you use most on a daily basis:
kitchen, bedroom,living room,office…

It is here where the keep test is most relevant. Ideally you can
move around these spaces- feeling supported, maybe even blessed by
your surroundings. For that to be possible I believe that those
items that occupy your daily space need to pass the most rigorous
questioning of:  Do I LOVE this?  Do I USE it?  Is it a treasure?

Otherwise chaos can quickly take over your most lived in spaces,
taking away the security of knowing where the things are that you
really need and want.

The way I see it, there is so much stuff that comes in every day
that, if you want a sense of comfort and clarity, the items you
hold on to need to PROVE themselves worthy of belonging in your

Rest assured, this is something I regularly have to work on myself.
This week it’s in my office (sigh) where it’s either me or the stuff.
So please don’t feel alone in your process…and DO feel free to email
me with your struggles, questions and/or victories.

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