Tips from YOU!

Posted by Sue on Feb 29, 2008  

Thank you all for the great ideas you have been sending in.
For my LEAP YEAR’s DAY tip, I decided to share some of them!

Nancy comments: A decluttering tip that works for me:
I take polaroid pictures of my shoes and put the picture on the
outside of the shoeboxes I store my shoes in. Digital pictures
would probably work also.

From Paula,
Here are some websites where people can get information about
donating items that are no longer needed to charitable organizations:

Best Regards,

And from Katy:
re Packing:  I have lists for travel on my bulletin board that fills one wall in my bedroom…The lists are not finished but are in progress. One list is for the

  • cabin/family-warm
    diving – warm
    cabin/family – cold

Cabin/family is what I use for a sightseeing trip either warm or
cold. It helps me Sooooo…  much when I try to get ready. Thanks
tons, Katy

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