Your favorite things – December Tip

Posted by Sue on Dec 15, 2006  

Surprisingly, in the midst of all the scurrying you are quite
likely doing, this can be an easier time than usual to clear a
bunch of clutter!

How can that be?

Well – right now you are probably moving things around to decorate
or make room for company. Just naturally you are re-creating your

Letting go of things that are not used or loved is somehow easier
when lots of belongings are in motion. The fact that is the holiday
season can help you say YES or NO faster as far as whether an item
is really something you really cherish.

Plus, knowing that more stuff is likely to come in to your life in
the next few weeks, it can be easier to put your hands on something
and quickly consider its place in your life.  Do you use it
regularly? Does it earn its keep?  Is it a favorite?

This is a super time to put the stuff that really doesn’t belong
in your life anymore into the hands of others who will give it
a new home and new life.

If you just can’t you can’t put your mind to this now- let it simmer
on the back burner. January as you rearrange things again will be
another good time.

No matter what – absolutely keep the favorites – the things that give
you “warm fuzzy feelings”  – please if possible give them a place
of honor. Shine them up…use them… display them so you can see them
and tell their story … share your enjoyment with people you love.

This comes wishing you time and space for your favorite things,

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