Dealing with Your Closet

Posted by Sue on Sep 21, 2007  

Since for many the weather is rapidly changing, I decided to revisit
the closet discussion.

Nowadays lots of folks don’t do the summer/winter clothes thing…
rather leaving everything in their drawers and closet regardless of
the season… BUT for more ease in your daily life I DO suggest
trying the seasonal drawers and closet idea.

The gist is that it is SOOOO much SIMPLER to be able to reach into
your closet and be able to actually WEAR anything and everything
you see and touch.

I confess that my personal system is pretty unsophisticated. I don’t
have multiple closets. Rather, I use the large padded computer bag from
my first ever computer for the majority of my off season clothes.
My winter coats are in the closet in my office but just about
everything else fits in the bag. I place small wrapped travel soaps
in between layers for freshness.

Last night I took out my “winter” bag, unzipped it, and tried
everything on so I could give anything I don’t want or like anymore
to the rummage sale happening at our church this weekend. Summer
clothes that are in good enough shape will be tucked away in the
bag today.

I DO know that plenty of people really love clothes and have a lot
more variety than I do… but I still suggest that you make the
clothes that a) fit you, b) fit the season, and c) that you LIKE to
wear-  the only ones you have to look at on a daily basis.

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Nice one! I don’t remove things into other spaces from my closet (what a quaint word – we use ‘wardrobe). However, you’ve prompted me to think I’ll move the clothes of the season to the most accessible end of my wardrobe. Also put this season’s stuff at the top/front of my drawers. Maybe a bit of a compromise.

Before the summer when I was feeling inspired, I sorted all my tops into three spaces: long seelves, short sleeves and sleeveless, as that’s the way I look for things.

September 25th, 2008 | 9:56 am
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