With a little help! YAY

Posted by Sue on Dec 28, 2010  

WOW– does THAT feel good!  I made myself a target  for THIS week– get my personal checking account  UP TO DATE and ready for the new year.   As  of  this moment 5:23 a.m.   on Tuesday 12/28/2010  I’d like to report that I have completed the WHOLE YEAR … It’s been a LOT of data entry but the great news is that this past summer  my bank  changed their statement format.   That  made  reconciling the last 6 months a BREEZE .  I have to tell them.  Maybe I will NEVER get behind again. THAT would be fine with me.

What else  – Well, I’ve been doing some local  house cleaning for the past month – “moonlighting”.  Folks are usually way too busy  think about organizing right before the holidays but  housecleaning is welcome.  :-)   You should see the great side effect  here in my own  home. I’m surprised. Things are getting cleaner and more sparkling by the day! Really– what fun. I’ve  started using the naturally  GREEN copper cleaner (salt and lemon on my pots  and it really works …Bon Ami for the inside.  (From GREEN CLEANING http://www.ivillage.com.  I like their suggestions. )  Yesterday I did their microwave  thing — lemon and water and nuke  it so you have nice lemon steam. Then wipe out the microwave  really easily.  I recently discovered   SIMPLE GREEN – all purpose cleaner (thanks Naomi) it  says biodegradable and non-toxic … I need to check into it further but so far it seems really magical. A little help goes a long way.

So dear reader – NOW is a  great time  to clean out AND declutter!!!  – I’m going to start on my files tonight!    Oeeeeeeee   – let’s  get going on a  new decade!  All best wishes! Joanna

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