Who Needs Help?!

Posted by Sue on Dec 26, 2008  

Ever since August, after my husband and I had painted and cleaned an apartment we are managing for my daughter, our own basement has(had) been a mess. Paint cans and rollers and paint trays and a box that arrived with that sort of balloon like “bubble wrap” which Bob had left on the floor after opening up the box. Mind you- I only see the basement when I go down to do the laundry.

In Feng Shui however, they say that the basement is like your unconscious… bothers you even when you aren’t aware of it. And I definitely had a sense of being plagued – at least each time I went down with the wash.

But life is real and there’s TONS else that’s more important to do. No question about that! Whenever I thought about dealing with the basement it was a no-go. No matter how many times I put it on my TO DO list -it just sat there. YUCK!

Finally last week, despite the holidays just around the corner – I’d HAD IT with the basement.  I phoned my friend Suzette, who used to be my assistant, to ask if she could possibly come over and help ME.

Well, it took us FOUR hours last Friday working together! No way would I have done it on my own ! At one point, Suzette asked me what was in the old work bench with drawers. NOTHING!  It’s been sitting there with a bit of gardening stuff on it since we moved in. Well she said, ““What about THAT for paint brushes, rollers, scrapers, clean rags etc etc.”  So we put the stuff in the drawers and labeled the drawers. Not rocket science but feels BRILLIANT!

You wouldn’t believe how much better I feel. I have a yummy sense of the order and calm that are down there below me!  And there was clearly NO WAY I was going to get it done by myself .

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I asked for help and can start the New Year with an UN-annoying basement. I think most of us have more than enough good intentions! And then bang our heads into whatever it is that makes it hard to DO what we intend! Thus my advice to myself and you is:  if you are STUCK in any way ASK FOR HELP! That, in fact, is going to be my ONLY New Year’s Resolution! Want to join me?

Wishing you an incredible 2009!

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