What to do with old computers?

Posted by Sue on Apr 6, 2007  

I just discovered this resource! Hurrah! You may, like so many of us, have a large collection of unwanted computers and computer equipment taking up space in your garage,basement,attic or your office. Would you like to get rid of them in a earth friendly and people friendly way?
In case you don’t get my weekly tips- here’s the scoop. (Go to www.dell.com/recycle to get the full story.)

” Donate
Dell provides consumers a donation option for old computers. When you are ready for a new system there are neighbors in your community who could make use of your old one. Through Dell Recycling,consumers can donate their computers to the National Cristina Foundation to help disabled and economically disadvantaged children and adults in your own community. The foundation will pick up your computer at your door and put it to good use in your community.


If recycling your computer is your preference, Dell offers an environmentally friendly method to dispose of outdated computer equipment that no longer has useful life.

Dell is happy to accept any brand of computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor or printer. And Dell will pick it up at your home. ”

WOW! That’s what they are promising. Give it a try during your spring decluttering! And please let us know what happens!


That’s great- I’m really glad to hear they are doing that.

If anyone is in the Portland, OR area (slim chance, I know) there is an organization called Free Geek: http://www.freegeek.org which does amazing work in recycling old computers, refurbishing them, and getting them to people. Their slogan: “Helping the needy get nerdy.” :)

April 8th, 2007 | 7:24 am

That’s great Mark! Sori not to have replied before — someday I will get more nerdy!!!

Our local waste management folks also recycle any computers they can fix to Vermonters but it costs the person who MAKES the donation which can sometime be a bit hard to convince folks makes sense.

April 26th, 2007 | 9:46 am

Just went to the freegeek site- looks great. And they charge for monitors – I suppose it’s because of all the INTENSE chemicals that have to be safely recycled.

April 26th, 2007 | 9:50 am
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