What COLOR is your…closet? – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Apr 26, 2007  

“What color is my CLOSET?”  you may be thinking. What IS she
talking about? And what does THAT have to do with being organized?

No,I haven’t lost it – not yet anyway.

I’m talking about spaces you look and reach into on a regular
basis. Those walls that surround your clothes, or your food if it’s
the pantry, or your supplies in an office closet.

It’s quite possible that you don’t ever think about it. It’s just a
closet. BUT if you would like to have it STAY more organized, the
next time you get a chance to work on organizing any closet type
space try the “take everything out” method and then take a look at
the walls.

Scuffed up white? Sort of like old snow?  Inspiring????

And yet those spaces are part of your daily life. There’s lots of
theory about the effect that color has on our lives. Color is a
major player in Feng Shui (as is the location of spaces in your
home – which includes your closets.) For more on that see Karen
Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.

There are two things about closets that are particularly helpful:
1) they are usually smallish spaces so you can transform them
pretty quickly and 2) they are generally out of the public eye.What
this means is that you can paint your closet ANY way that
suits your fancy!

If you haven’t PLAYED with colors before, a closet is a good place
to experiment. See what happens when you look in a closet space and
the color you’ve always loved is there to welcome you. If you
share a large closet with a companion you might each paint “your
side” of the closet in radically different styles – have FUN with

Even if you are renting and there are restrictions on painting the
main rooms you may be able to get permission to paint the closet.

What I have found is that colorful closets are easier to keep
organized. They become a SPACE that is part of your life instead
of a dumping ground. They feel friendly somehow and You WANT them
to be orderly!

Okay- enough said. Let me know how it goes.

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