What about old Computers? – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Apr 5, 2007  

A belated tip this week- so I will make it short. I often am asked
what to do with old computers. Here is a piece of great news that I
have discovered with thanks to our local waste management folks.

Go to www.dell.com/recycle to get the full story. Here’s an excerpt!

” Donate
Dell provides consumers a donation option for old computers. When
you are ready for a new system there are neighbors in your community
who could make use of your old one. Through Dell Recycling,consumers
can donate their computers to the National Cristina Foundation to
help disabled and economically disadvantaged children and adults in
your own community. The foundation will pick up your computer at
your door and put it to good use in your community.


If recycling your computer is your preference, Dell offers an
environmentally friendly method to dispose of outdated computer
equipment that no longer has useful life.

Dell is happy to accept any brand of computer, keyboard, mouse,
monitor or printer. And Dell will pick it up at your home. ”

That’s what they are promising. Give it a try during your spring
decluttering! And please let us know what happens!

again www.dell.com/recycle

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