Walking the Talk

Posted by Sue on Sep 28, 2010  

Sue here …

I’ve been thinking lately about the messages my life broadcasts and the many ways in which what I SAY and what I DO simply don’t line up. A pretty heavy topic for a Tuesday morning, I realize.

And HOW, might you ask, does this relate to organizing and decluttering?

Without knowing what I do for a living, if you visited my house and happened to open up my linen closet or my “general junk closet” (some folks have a junk drawer, I have a junk closet), there is no way on god’s green earth that you’d guess I am a professional organizer. I admit it: I’m not walking my talk.

With 5 daughters (only one is still at home, but there’s still FIVE of them), a loving partner, an old farmhouse and a business and a half to run, when do I have time to stay on top of the demands of ongoing organization?  But this isn’t markedly different than what any of the rest of you are dealing with. The particulars may vary, but the result is the same: We don’t have time to live the lives that we declare are right and good and healthy for ourselves and the planet.

I’m all about baby steps. Realigning one small piece of my life at a time is like a chiropractic adjustment: It allows the energy to once again flow freely to other stuck areas. So when I polish my sink every evening after doing the dishes (check out Flylady.net) or when I hang my coat up in the closet rather than throwing it on the back of the chair, I’m decluttering my space. They may be small steps, but they are steps forward.

So today I’ll polish my sink, put the cap back on the toothpaste and put a vase of fresh flowers in the entryway to welcome any of you who might come to call. Baby steps. But steps forward.

What baby steps are you going to take today?

Quote for the day: Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Begin it now. -Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

If you’d like the full text of this inspiring quote, send me an email: Sue@breathing-space.com

Have a de-lightful, de-licious, de-cluttered day!


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