‘Tis the Season … For Lists!

Posted by Sue on Dec 14, 2010  

‘Tis the Season … To Make Lists!

I have gift giving lists for my family, my colleagues and my friends. I have a list for both our Hanukkah and our Christmas feasts. I have lists for the household chores that I dream about accomplishing before the chaos descends and a list of the chores that absolutely must be done. I have a list of the seasonal events we’re either required to attend or would like to attend. Perhaps I need a list of all my lists!

Funny how the most important things in our lives do not always make it onto our lists: A list of all the people I am grateful for (including you, dear Readers); a list of my accomplishments throughout 2010 (it’s all too easy to look at what I’ve left UNDONE rather than celebrating what I’ve DONE); a list of the delicious gifts of light, love and caring that I’ve received, and a list of recipients of my own gifts of light, love and caring.

Without these “most important things” list, December becomes the season of insanity, sweeping us up into the frenzy of buy-buy-buy and go-go-go. The only way to stop the insanity is to intentionally slow down and mindfully, gracefully and joyously reverse course and CHOOSE a direction that feeds our souls. Because, when we’re not feeding our souls, we’re feeding the frenzy.

On my soul-feeding list are walking the faerie-light lined labyrinth at our local church; cookie decorating with my daughters; s-l-o-w-l-y trimming the Christmas tree and telling the stories behind each of the ornaments that have special meaning; and taking time each morning and evening to just BE.

But if I’m going to make time for feeding my soul, I’ll have to abandon some frenzy-inducing activities along the way. It isn’t easy to let go of seasonal activities, even when they are more stressful than festive. In order to make time for cookie decorating, I’ve chosen to limit my house decorating to candles in the windows. To make time to walk the labyrinth (and that’s WALK, not RUN), I’ll attend only one open house rather than the several I’d planned. Just like trying to cram one more thing in an already full closet, you can’t fit one more activity into an already full calendar.

So what’s on your soul-feeding list? And what do you need to say NO to in order to say a heart-filled YES! to what truly nurtures you?

Happy list making!


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I loved this writing about lists, as I make them all the time and they tend to be about doing, doing, doing, and not enough about the other even more important things… I especially loved the reminder about “CHOOSE a direction that feeds our souls. Because, when we’re not feeding our souls, we’re feeding the frenzy.” I am going post that in a place so that I remember that…. I am still going down the well-worn rut into fear and frenzy and I so want to go down a different path, consciously and conscientiously.

December 15th, 2010 | 6:32 pm
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