Things that go Ping!

Posted by Sue on May 30, 2013  

After posting last week’s blog I realized that I never completed Brenda’s story. I hope the cliff hanger didn’t keep any of you awake at night.

First, a recap. In my previous post our heroine, Brenda, wanted to make her office more accessible. I wrote, “If there is nothing [in the room] that sparkles and shines and reminds you of how much you love and are loved” than the room will feel flat and dull.

Inspire your office!

Brenda’s office was missing this quality of inspiration I call, Ping! The problem was not just that the space was poorly organized: it lacked personality, specifically, Brenda’s personality. I suggested that the room would become more attractive if she hung pictures she loved or displayed objects that were beautiful or reminded her of something special. So she went in search of things that go Ping!

With Ping! in mind, Brenda pulled out a couple of paintings she’d been storing in anticipation of hanging, “one of these days.” She also found a vase she loved and her daughter’s clay sculpture which brought a smile to her face. We cleared space on a side table where we placed these objects to inspire our organizing adventure. Once we had cleared and reorganized the office we hung the pictures above her desk and artfully arranged the objects – near enough to be seen but away from the flow of work.

Three weeks later, Brenda reports that she successfully uses her office. And, because she doesn’t want to block her view of her precious Pings!, she has kept the office (relatively) clutter-free. Hurrah for Ping!

Read last week’s post to see what steps you can take to go from blah to Ping!

And, may the Ping! be with you.

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