The other size – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Mar 20, 2007  

Last week I promised that this tip would be about making SPACE. And
thus it is …about SPACE in your bureau and closet.

I am often asked,” What do I DO with them, there’s a whole bunch of
clothes that don’t fit me anymore?”

Many of us are multi-sized and even if we think we will never be the
other size again we still have a bunch of perfectly good “othersized”
clothes. What to do with them?

NO- don’t get rid of them all. But also- don’t keep them all or you
definitely won’t have space!

Basically, it’s sorting time. Time to look for treasures. Take out a
clump of clothes- put them on your bed or a chair and quickly sort
by size only. Put back ONLY the clothes that fit you now.

Now, sort through the remainder one item at a time. Pick one item up
and see how you FEEL about it.Did you look fantastic in that shirt;
was it super comfortable?  Was it a favorite that you would wear in
a heartbeat if it fit now?  OR was it just so so and you never really
liked wearing it? YOU are the expert.

If you find this difficult, give me a call so we can talk about
possible support and solutions. Early Spring, before garden season,
is the perfect time to work on this project.

If an item gets top rating, put it in a keep (for now anyway) pile.
When you are done sorting, pack all the winners away with a label that
gives their size and the date.

If there are several non-current sizes make packets per size.
Maybe you will never fit in these clothes again. Maybe you will.
You might decide to have some of them tailored to your current size
but not necessarily. No matter what, if they don’t fit it’s time to
have them out of your daily space.

Make sure the things you store are truly your favorites.And in the
meantime- enjoy the ease of reaching into a closet where everything
in it fits NOW and there is SPACE!

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