The Magic of Dating

Posted by Sue on Jan 30, 2009  

Dear Breathing Space Readers

The magic of dating… what do I mean? Here’s an example:

On the 19th I was part of “Project Sleep Warm & Well” a local MLK
Jr Celebration service project. One of the churches in our town has
contributed space in the winter as an  overflow shelter for the homeless. These terribly cold nights it’s clearly a blessing to have a warm shelter available. The church has had to make room for the individual egg box foam pads,blankets and pillows that are bagged together to make each individual “bed”.  In addition there are the yet unassigned blankets and pillows.

Thus the church storage space is doing double duty.. You can
imagine! We set to sorting through everything in thecloset,cleaning the space, and putting things back so they would be easier to use. Here is where the “DATE” comes in.

We were NOT making decisions about any of the church stuff BUT we
could let the church folks know what the space contained and WHEN
the contents had been reviewed.Thus boxes,now tucked up on the
shelf, are marked “MISC BOOKS” 1/’09. And there are boxes labeled
“OLD CHURCH MUSIC 1/’09.” It may be several years before anyone has
time to look at those boxes but they will know that the boxes have
been there at least since January ’09.

When you put a box away- label it with not only the contents but
also the date! If you don’t go back to that box for years you can
be more realistic about just how much use that particular item
truly gets. Or you may want to deliberately set something aside to
decide at a future time. You won’t have to guess -the date will
tell you ” time to consider this again.”

To me there is no hard and fast rule about how long you should keep
something- it depends on so many factors BUT if you want to have a
clearer sense about the stuff you are keeping, use the date to

Also-when labeling the big cupboards “Unassigned blankets and
unassigned pillow”etc. we wrote Jan ’09. When things are being
tucked back in, people will see that at least as of Jan ’09 this was
how the space was organized. Over and over I have found that the
date adds a friendly challenge- “OH- that’s how it was in Jan ’09!

So this year– do use dating magic to help you!
Wishing you a very Happy & Organized 2009!

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