The Importance of Idleness :-)

Posted by Sue on Jan 6, 2009  

I want to share this sweet mini-article with you! Tho’ there’s lot’s else we’ll be talking about in the  NEW YEAR, it fits with all I have been saying about decluttering and organizing. Thank you Sean!

Mini Article: The Importance Of Idleness 

So you’re going/have gone on a vacation, aren’t you? Well, the weekend will come up, and you’ll have some sort of break–your to-do list non-withstanding.

But you won’t take a break. No you won’t. You’ll do something silly. Like filling it up with stuff.

How about filling it with idleness instead?

Yeah, idleness. As in doing nothing. Yes, we know you’ve got a million things to do. But idleness can’t wait.

The western world in particular have forgotten what it means to be idle. To just sit under a tree and do nothing. Not read. Not scold your kids. Certainly not pick up the phone. Just sit and watch the world go by.

Idleness isn’t as crazy a concept as you think. You DO NOT have to fill your day with stuff. You don’t have visit every monument on your vacation. It’s more beneficial to do nothing. As in N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Can you do nothing?
Can you? Can you? Can you do nothing for even a day this weekend?
How about for an hour then?

Try it. Just be lazy. Just watch butterflies. Or watch the mould growing. But be idle.

Because as an ancient Chinese saying goes: Man who sits by river all day, and doesn’t think it’s a waste of time, is a wise man.


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