The BUY Test! – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Aug 9, 2007  

A friend and I were chatting the other day about the danger of words
like BARGAIN! She said she always has to stop and give herself a good
talking to – even when she had NO plan to go shopping,and has NO known
use for a particular whirlygig, and has been determinedly
decluttering for months so she can use her upstairs to give workshops.

The pull is SO STRONG!!! Even for me, though I spend hundreds of hours
helping folks figure out how deal with stuff that clutters their
space and lives and have become like a hawk about my own stuff.

These words are designed to make us SHOP!



10%,20%,30%,40%,50,60% OFF





They are designed to stop you in your tracks, make you forget
what you were PLANNING to do with your hard earned pennies and getcha!

Instead of getting caught – try using a purchase test, not unlike
my Keep Test. See


Maybe make a little card to carry in your wallet with these questions:

1) Do I LOVE it?  (Will it REALLY make my heart sing to have it?)

2) Is it something that I have already been wanting/needing for a
specific use? (Or is it the idea of getting a bargain that is
pushing me to buy.)

3) Is it truly a treasure? (Something that I will use and cherish
for a long time?)

Sales and bargains can be great if you don’t let yourself get trapped
into buying stuff that you never needed and may never use.

To actually save money(and space) …test every bargain to confirm that
it will truely be a savings for YOU!

Wishing you a month with time to relish what you already have!

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