Sweet success story

Posted by Sue on Oct 4, 2007  

From a client comes this tale of victory!

Joanna !  My cleaning out process has been amazing!

Just today i spent 4 wonderful hours, removed garden chairs from
storage under my studio….i was worried that the garbage truck
would not collect large metal chairs.

Within minutes a fellow with a truck stopped and scooped them up,plus two additional chairs, barbecue, xmas tree stand, defunct metal table frame, plastic table, and full picnic table set.
He took it all away for a weekend party,  and the
rest he was going to recycle….he is in the metal collecting biz!
now, is that the universe at work?!!

It is getting easier and easier to chuck and recycle everything, so
satisfying. I have accepted that if there is something i REALLY
need in the future i WILL be able to acquire it.

Please let your readers know- It DOES work!

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