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Posted by Sue on Dec 12, 2008  

You are trying to do holiday shopping – frustrated because you KNOW that the people you’re trying to find gifts for already have gobs of stuff!

Remember the ads “For the man who has everything!…” and then there’s some expensive gadget you’re supposed to buy to show that you love him and have been thinking of him.

WAIT! STOP! HALT! Consider the purpose of a gift! It seems to me that the main purpose is exactly what the ads suggest- to let the receiver know that you love them and have them in your radar. I think that most of all we want that sense of caring both from giving and receiving…a sense of kindness in the air. But can that happen without STUFF? I think so.

Here are some possibilities:

A. Think about the person- their favorite dreams and activities -and find a related non-profit group and donate to it. Then put  together information and a card saying that a donation was given in that person’s honor. (This may take a leap of faith at first but I know families where this has become the major present each year.)

B. Give some “warm fuzzy time” … coupons for time together! A promise for a shared activity that might not happen otherwise. Coupons -good for three long walks together or whatever it is that you know the person especially loves to do with YOU.  Or give a service instead of stuff – something you or someone else can do – snow shoveling, a massage … *

C. Agree to only re-gift this year! Who says that NEW is better? Is there a book you really LOVED reading that your friend would enjoy? Is there something wonderful in your space that you really don’t notice anymore- that would be very welcome in someone else’s life?

I bet you will have more ideas. Some may involve money; some may not. Some people like to ask for wish lists; other’s find that annoying. To me the bottom line is – does the gift express your warmth toward
the person? Put on your thinking cap for gifts that don’t add to an already overstuffed life or landfill.

Wishing you warm sharing and happy celebrations!
Blessings,  Joanna

* I suppose this is the time to remind you that Breathing Space Gift Certificates are available and can be a perfect gift!

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