Check it Out before Sending Onward!

Posted by Sue on Aug 9, 2008  

A couple of weeks ago (almost a month actually) I learned an important lesson that I want to share here. I think it could help decrease cyber clutter.

What happened was that I forwarded some warnings that I’d received in my email because I felt that I SHOULD share the information. I was hoping to be helpful.  HOWEVER , I hadn’t verified the info before I shared the warnings.  Thankfully, readers were very patient with me and asked me to PLEASE check things out before I send them onward- for many reasons including using up people’s energy, forwarding incorrect data and even causing worry rather than the opposite.

In these days of so much computer traffic I think this is a valuable decluttering and organizing tip to share.

If you don’t already know about and USE the following two sites-please join me in the commitment to check out information before sending it on to others.  Got a warning in your inbox?  Confirm that it’s valid by going to http://www.snopes.com or http://www.truthorfiction.com

Even though I’d heard about these sites before, they had not truly established themselves in my radar. They are worth being kept in place for all of us. If anyone has additional information on this topic- you are invited to share it.

At the least, using the above sites will save you and others both time and energy. It may also prevent unneeded worry or even troublesome misinformation.

Here’s to a less cluttered future for us all!

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