Posted by Sue on May 17, 2008  

If you are like most of us (me included) there is a TON of
information that comes at you every day – by email, snail mail,
radio, TV etc.

Decrease the volume and you will find it easier
to stay organized.

Mind you, it  takes an odd kind of bravery to be able to admit,
“In reality I DON’T have time to read that __________  every week.”
It takes courage to say, “I know enough about that topic for right
now. I can go to the library or re-subscribe when I REALLY need
more info.”

BUT piles of unread magazines or dozens of unread e-zines won’t make
you happier or smarter.  I promise.

Once you are clear about that, you CAN (yes- you really can)
cancel a subscription. Sure you can GIVE away the extra magazines
AFTER your receive them, or delete an e-zine but even that takes
time and attention. It IS possible to unsubscribe!

If you feel burdened by the ton of subscriptions piling up… try
cancelling at least one and see how it feels.

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