Serious Thoughts – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Jan 16, 2007  

Last Thursday I was at a Hospice training and found myself
saying yet again, “EVERYONE should have one- not just the elderly.” We were talking about wills and living wills.

I have long promised myself that I would bring this up with
my Breathing Space readers. So here it is.

When sorting with clients I have run into slips of paper saying,
” WRITE MY WILL”,and have found wills written but not signed. Sometimes
there are notes about what to do “in case” but with no signatures that
make it official.

Do you have a current will? Do your family and friends know
what your wishes are for your care?

Of course the hope is that no one will need this information for a
long time – that you will be healthy and busy living for years hence!But if something were to happen so that you couldn’t communicate,
would the people close to you know that the decisions being made were
in accordance with your beliefs?

Wills are one of those things on the TO DO list that get lost in the
bustle of daily life. The Terry Schiavo case may have made you think
about all this temporarily but did you actually complete the action?

In Vermont there is a Living Will form available at hospitals and
other agencies that simplifies this process. But no matter where you
live nor what your wishes are, they need to be written and known.

Luckily there are tons of other organizing tips that are easier to
deal with, but if this isn’t done you could be leaving difficult
and painful decisions to loved ones. You simply never know. Whether
you are 21 or 101 or somewhere in between,find out what the local
laws are and make sure your wishes are up to date. Please.

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