Gifts You’ve Really Loved

Posted by Sue on Nov 30, 2007  

As the world of shopping swirls around you in the weeks ahead take
a moment out, take a deep breath, and think back to one gift you
received. One which, when remembered, still warms your heart or
makes you smile. Remember what it was?

When you are looking at the ads – and thinking about the frenzy of
rushing around to buy things. Pause. For sure the ads want us to go
for bigger, better and more.

But what do you remember loving? Maybe talk about this with folks
over dinner -or tea or while going somewhere in the car.  What do
your friends or family members recall?

My friend Max says that guys remember food gifts and that Moms
love framed photographs.  True for you?  My husband likes an
“AT YOUR SERVICE DAY”coupon which he can cash in any time in the
year. I love cut flowers always … and when they are done they go
into the compost to feed more flowers.

My perspective may well be a bit skewed as I spend so much time
helping people get rid of stuff that doesn’t bring them joy. But
that’s who I am.  How bout you?

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