Reasons for STUFF – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Jul 26, 2007  

Peeking out from between the cosmos,calendula and petunias in my garden
there’s a wonderful praying mantis – about 24 inches tall, made of
scrap metal, a gift from my adventurous friend Silva. At 78 she has
just moved from Vermont to Colorado.  She told me the mantis had
served it’s purpose in her life and should start it’s next era – in
my garden. Thank you Silva!

Silva had called me to help her think through her move. She wanted
to take only what made sense – to save on cost as well as to fit
her life into less space in her next home.

Using my “keep test” -
as her measuring stick , she did an amazing job of keeping only the
items that passed the test. ( Note: Her moving sale paid for special
shipping of the desk she loved.)

During the process Silva decided to write down a list of her
reactions to different items and all the reasons that were coming
up for having each item in the first place.  She said she’s gladly
share her REASONS list with you. Here ’tis:

  1. I THOUGHT I liked it
  2. A friend gave it to me
  3. If I have one of these I will do  X_________.
  4. It IS (was) ME!!!
  5. My friend has one.
  6. It’s SUPPOSED to be good for __________
  7. It’s beautiful and owning it will make me FEEL beautiful.

Sound familiar?  Do you have others to add to the list? Silva said
she’d love to hear yours…so would I.

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