Packing Trauma

Posted by Sue on Jan 31, 2008  

Last week a client asked me if I was willing to help her figure
out how to deal with all her toiletries for different length trips.
She said that ever since the rules changed about what you can and
can’t have on the plane, the job of packing all those little bottles
has been driving her crazy.

I said “of course”, figuring that she and I would work out a
solution. She had a wide variety of travel cases, each one filled to
the brim, but they were just adding to the endless number of
pre-trip decisions.

We did our standard first step: old sheet on the bed and empty
everything out onto the sheet.  Then we sorted by major category:
all the tooth stuff in one pile, all the shampoo in another and so
forth- tossing out anything that was gross. Of course we also had a
give away pile. (I’m sure you know that unopened little bottles
shampoo, moisturizer, etc., that you aren’t going to use are very
helpful to homeless shelters.)

My client travels lots – with different kinds of trips having
different requirements.  So we talked about her travel needs and
came up with a system that felt almost life changing to us both!

We figured out her categories – labeled big clear zip-lock bags…
voila!  Sorting into the bags was easy.  We decided this was a
great system and I said I would write it up as a tip.

Here are her categories – yours may be different:
1) Every Trip (this bag is all ready for any sort of overnight etc.)
2) Long Long Trip – stuff like medicines that can’t be purchased in
other countries, a little iron and so forth
3) Walking Trip- includes hat/shoes/fleece that are only used when
she’s in Scotland
4) Trips with _______ (could be trips with kids/ trips with the dog
and so forth – the things you need ONLY if you are going with
_________. )

The stuff STAYS in the zip locks! Each zip lock gets replenished
with it’s particular category and there you are…toss in the
appropriate zip lock(s)for that trip. Obviously the “Every Trip”
zip lock will get the most use.

She’s promised to let me know how it works for her; I will try
it too. If you have another system that you really like -  do

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