On Humility from Lynn Jericho

Posted by Sue on Dec 28, 2006  

I found this article particularly helpful in regards to my own weaknesses/difficulties and wanted to share it with you. It definitely applies to difficulties with space and clutter. As Lynn says, self-judgment just adds to the difficulty. Visit www.lynnjericho.com for more of her perspective.

HUMILITY by Lynn Jericho

Humility is tonight’s contemplation.

Tonight’s quality is often misunderstood. It is humility.

Each of us is made up of a myriad of strengths and weaknesses. Each strength and each weakness creates a self-perception and a self-judgment. And these perceptions and judgments tend to distort our sense of our self-worth and self-esteem. Our thinking, feeling and willing get entangled with our strengths and weaknesses. Often our soul life ends up in a mess. Humility is the quality that begins to clear the mess.

We create the mess to hide the weaknesses. Humility allows us to honor our weaknesses. Through humility, we can be generous to ourselves and shine a good light into the dark corners of our individual humanity. We see the totality of our being and see ourselves as a whole far greater than the sum of our parts.

Humility allows us to stand strong in our own earthly (humus) being. It teaches us about our particular temperamental constitution. (The Greeks referred to the temperaments as the four humours).

Humility leads us to the core of our humanity. Sadly, so many of us think humility leads us to hate our humanity. It is only the lack of humility that makes us vulnerable to humiliation.

When something is planted in rich humus, it grows! The gift of humility is the capacity to strive towards our ideals. Our so-called weaknesses contain the greatest potential for self-esteem and inner growth.

Can you lovingly and with blessed humility make a list of your “weaknesses?” What What aspects of you are hidden with shame, guilt or neglect? Where in your complexity are you “less than?” Can you write down ten weaknesses?

Counting tonight, we have ten Holy Nights remaining. If each night in the”good light” of your own self-compassion, you innocently “wonder at” one weakness from your list you will begin to see new directions and possibilities open up. Humility is the way to both self-acceptance and self-development.

Have a meditative conversation with your weakness. Ask it questions. What are you teaching me? Why are you here? What would happen to you if I embraced your presence in my life?

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