November — the “NO” month???

Posted by Sue on Nov 3, 2010  

Hope you had a fine Hallowe’en weekend … By the way –our  email is back in place. The website domain registration had expired .  I hadn’t updated Breathing Space contact info  and the renewal reminders were all going to an email address that hasn’t existed for 7 years .. erk. What’s interesting is that all  my emails from  that weekend are completely and totally GONE! Permanently failed!    Lack of TWO of them  caused a bit of confusion that I sorted out — who knows about the other 187 or so that didn’t arrive.  A blessing?   I’m beginning to imagine having at least one NO EMAIL day per week.

In Vermont there’s a joke about November being the “NO’ month – no colors,no snow and I was just thinking WHAT IF   we  were to make it the  No NEW Clutter month. That would be a refreshing switch as the MORE STUFF season comes in.

The other day  I was sorting “stuff” with a wonderful client. She agreed that she probably has enough projects going to keep at LEAST  THREE  people fully occupied for a long time.   When I suggested that she commit to NO NEW PROJECTS for the month of November she  said “Like this ?” and showed me a kind of intriguing  Japanese weaving that she had just  ordered.. We chuckled together! Hmmmmmm   :-) Joanna

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