November Hurrah!

Posted by Sue on Nov 5, 2008  

What an incredible time in our lives! I believe both John McCain
and Barack Obama said it eloquently last night. Now is the time as a
nation and a world to work together on what really matters. We CAN
make things better!

*         *        *
In my workshops I always say  that a DECLUTTERED and ORGANIZED space
is not the end all and be all. In my universe it isn’t even a major
goal. If your space works well enough for you- if it helps you do
what you want to do – SUPER.

But, with that said yet again — please email me about your specific
most troublesome or annoying space and clutter problem! You can
be sure that you are not the only one dealing with it. And
solutions for you will also be helpful to other readers.

My upcoming tips are planned to be VERY hands on – ABC – XYZ kind of
things. Yet for sure, we all – worldwide – are living in a bigger
world that affects us every day at least as much as our spaces.

So just before heading to the basement/attic or closet I want to
mention a fantastic new book that is VERY readable and VERY timely
given our current world with all it’s challenges and opportunities.

The book is called The GREEN COLLAR ECONOMY : How One Solution Can
Fix Our Two Biggest Problems by Van Jones, foreward by Robert J.
Kennedy, Jr…I’m going to be reading it in the next few weeks-
want to join me?


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