The Junk Mail Problem

Posted by Sue on Jan 17, 2008  

Imagine not having to deal with ANY mail that you consider junk!
What if everything arriving in your mail is something you
“love, or(a bill for) something you use, or a treasure” of some sort?
What would that be like? Really think about it for a minute!

I know I’ve written about a number of ways to reduce junk mail- but
I’ve only recently learned about doing it online! This could be super
for you who love using the internet. Seems to me that junk mail
reduction is very much a win/win since you end up with less clutter
and the environment is better off as well.

NOTE: I am told there are similar services in other countries – my
apology to readers who are not in the USA as I haven’t looked up
who you would contact. Could you let me know?

In the US, http://www.ecocycle.org is a free service that links you
to a number of  mail reduction sites including one for credit card

http://www.greendimes.com charges a fee of $15 but plants ten trees
when you sign up and gives you some assistance with the process.

There are a number of other sites. Almost all of them quote bunches
of factoids to spur you on to action. Here’s one: ” Each of us will
spend an average of eight months of our lives dealing with junk mail
(Center for a New American Dream).”  Yikes!

No matter how you decide to do it- give yourself and the earth a
break in 2008. Find out just how much junk mail you can stop BEFORE
it arrives!

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