Your New Year Vision

Posted by Sue on Jan 5, 2008  

Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about you – wanting you to start off the New Year
with a sense of comfort and possibility about the spaces you occupy.

I was about to send a specific action tip, but talking about it with
my friend May of www.delicioushealing.com, we realized that we both
wanted our first communication of 2008 to be about the heart of

So breathe!  There’ll be plenty of “what to do” organizing tips
coming your way in 2008 … starting with the one I was about to
send, but right now, as the New Year begins, take a long deep
breath in/out …ahhhhhhhh -  and then another, and one more. Yay!

Now, in your thoughts choose one space you wish was working better
for you.  If you can spare 15 minutes now to mull over the
questions below – great.  If not- make note of the space you want
to think about when you have a tad more time.

Here are a few questions that will help as you consider your space.
Depending on your usual thought process and your current mood some
will work better for you than others. See which one(s)speak to you!

  • What is the purpose of this space?  Has the purpose changed? And if so- does the physical lay out and the stuff in it still fit?
  • How would I most like to use the space?  Can I make a shift in that direction?
  • What do I really NOT like in this space?
  • What do I NEED to have in the space?
  • Is there something I would like to feature? A piece of art or a plant or something else?
  • If I had a magic wand how would the space feel and look?

Answers to any of these questions will help you envision changes in
your surroundings that will give you a boost as the year unfolds.

As always, I’d love to hear — either by email, phone,(or as a comment
on my blog where these tips
are also posted) what you discover, and what happens after that.

Wishing you great spaces and lots of good surprises in the year

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