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Posted by Sue on Dec 12, 2008  
It’s Friday, December 12th.
My secret hope is that you’re feeling calm today. Centered. Balanced.
But there’s nothing like the end of the year and the holiday season to bring out our most stressed selves.
Beat the December blues
Tomorrow, there’s a group of mindful business owners gathering together to provide support in doing those end-of-the-year things. But not in that insane pushing-through way that does damage to your spirit.
If you have things to do tomorrow, and you’d like some compassionate support in doing them without losing your mind, consider joining in.
Join in.
Here’s all the juicy details of the special teleclass we’re having for this very reason.
Today’s the last day you can sign up - and there are just a few spots left. So, if you have questions or doubts, just send me a note.
Get nourished *and* get stuff done. I hope to see you there tomorrow.
P.S. If you want more information about the Extra Special Holiday Spa thing, here’s the link: http://www.inspiredhomeoffice.com/spadayspecial

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