My Ebb and Flow Theory

Posted by Sue on Feb 20, 2010  

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had
never seen this before?  What if I knew I would never see it again?
Rachel Carson

The other day I was commenting to Sue that I pretty much like to
keep my space calm and orderly all the time -that I need to be able
to look around and like what I see.

Well that’s true -but then how was it that this morning I raced
around for more than an hour – put clean laundry away- the phone
book back in it’s place in the kitchen, vacuumed, and so on and so
forth? Ah-hah! – Oh right! My space is not the way I like it all
the time but, I try to get it back there pretty fast.

So perhaps here’s a more accurate theory: It’s all about ebb
and flow. And the problem is when things gets stuck. Hmm – I like
that. Imagine if an ocean wave came in with all the bits and pieces
of sea weed, crabs and small fish and so forth but then it STOPPED
and nothing moved. Stinky?!

I suppose there ARE some people who are always organized but
they’re probably not reading Breathing Space tips! When Sue and I
are contacted it’s because for one reason or another – the wave is
stuck.  How is this a tip?   Well, I want to suggest that you help the
wave go back out!  Help yourself MOVE STUFF OUT more easily. Here
are three immediate ways to do that:

-Always have a smallish “GIVE AWAY” box near the door and deliver
the contents to your chosen location(s) as soon as the box
is full.

-Keep magazines upright in a container (a tall basket perhaps)
that is NOT huge – and when it gets full – it’s time to recycle or
move the magazines to your archives.  I’ve mentioned this before-
but if magazines are upright you can find the one you are looking
for more easily- and the container (rather than a flat
surface)provides a clear limit.

-When sorting mail or paper – STAND UP!! It’s almost magic how
much better this works. AND have a container for recycling right
next to you.You can empty THAT into something larger – later.

Voila– enjoy the tides!

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