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Posted by Sue on Jul 15, 2007  
Dear “Visitor”
This was sent to me twice – the second time I had a look. I hope you will skim below. I will be doing this with all of you who decide to take ONE HOUR on Tuesday morning.

I figure (that at the least ) it can’t hurt to have as many people as possible at the same time praying/meditating for our Earth and it’s people. Thus I am sending this to you:

Dios los Bendiga, (God bless you) Joanna

Fire the Grid….07/17/07 www.firethegrid.org

YouTube.com – Shelley Yates-Fire the
Grid-Part 1
We ALL Make a Difference
Everything Counts!

Let’s all Believe in Miracles
As We Believe We Create more of them!!

You need no particular beliefs to consider the following.
This is a story and a plan, and I love it! It absolutely resonated
with me. The basic story follows.

We will participate in the largest meditation/prayer/energy
exchange on behalf of our precious planet this world has ever
experienced. Join us for one hour at 11:11 GMT (4:11 AM pacific
coast US people, all you other beauties can use a time chart)
July 17, 2007 to Fire the Grid, or, as I see it, pour our
energies into turning the tide from destruction and chaos to
Creativity and Love for our Mother Earth.

Read the basic story:
One of the places Shelley Yates told of her near-death experience
on May 5, 2007 was as a speaker sponsored by Virginia Beach
Friends of IANDS (International Association of Near Death
Studies). She has also told her story countless times all over
the world, and you can read about her story or hear her story via
the links below: Highlights of her story are that she began
hearing a calming, angelic voice while she was drowning in a
freak car accident in a lake with her 4-year-old son in 2002. The
voice told her that she and her son would be rescued and that
they would recover. She was under water for about 15 minutes. Her
son was under the water for 30 minutes before being rescued.
The doctors at the hospital said that he was brain-dead, and
recommended that he be removed from life-support. The voice told
Shelley that he could be brought back to health if people would
place their hands on him and share the energy of their auras by
touching him and talking to him, sharing their joys in life. So
Shelley called everyone to help. After 72 hours her son awoke and
recognized his mother. He is a healthy and exceptional boy

Then the voice said that Earth needs to be brought back to
health, and that what happened with her son with a small group of
people could happen to Earth with a large group. Shelley was
told to invite people around the world to share their energy
with Earth from 7:11 – 8:11 Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday,
July 17, (4:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time) 2007. That hour will be
the peak of a daylong energy flow from the center of our galaxy.
Those who participate by praying, meditating, or just doing what
they love to do with gratitude, will be energized. They will
light up. Their energy will be raised equal to 10 years of
meditation. Also, Earth will light up. That’s why the project is
called Fire the Grid. Each one of us is a hexagon in the Grid.
This will begin a new era in human history in which all persons
will have basic needs met. And it’s about time.

The message is that the one-hour of focused sharing of energy
with intention will change the history of Earth. This is the
first time that such a great number of the human family will be
joining together mentally and spiritually to create a harmonious
future. Millions of people are already involved. Currently
Shelley’s website has 1.5 million hits a month and hundreds of
groups have formed around the world.

Organize a group meditation in your home, church or community!!
Set your alarm clock! And let’s do this thing: Fire the Grid, the
Earth Grid, with your Loving attention!

There are several ways in which you can learn more about Shelley
Yates and Fire the Grid:

* A five-minute video about sharing our energy to heal Earth can
be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA1t-nyA0v4. Also, in
8 parts is Shelly herself on one of her lecture tours
telling her incredible story and giving out great details. I’ve
personally been enjoying the You Tube Talks, where she shares
with humor, humility, and no-nonsense approach.

* The official web site for Fire the Grid is www.firethegrid.com
* Shelley told her story at the Friends of IANDS group
(International Association for Near-Death Studies) in Madison,
Wisconsin on May 10, 2007, and the audio of that presentation is
available at


It lasts about an hour and 45 minutes, and is INCREDIBLE!

* Shelley appeared as a guest on WorldPuja Internet Radio on
uesday, June 5, 2007. You can hear her without cost from the
archives at http://www.worldpuja.org/power-of-life.php


You can obtain a copy of the video of her presentation in
Virginia Beach by making a donation to VBIANDS. Simply notify
Dick Dinges that you wish to receive a copy, make out a check for
$12 to VBIANDS and mail it to Dick Dinges, 1285 Paramore Drive,
Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Your copy will be mailed as soon as
your receive your request. DVD and audiotape cassette are also

* You can enter “Shelley Yates” in a search window such as Google
and find many interesting articles. One is:

http:// forums.firehouse.com/archive/index.php/t-42567.html.
Scroll down to the seventh story.

What would it cost us by praying or mediating or drumming, or
listening to good music while sending the earth love for one
hour? Absolutely nothing. But we all have everything to gain for
our children, the children of our future and for our Home.

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